Even though Apple has the perfect reputation and is completely trustworthy, the question of Mac versus Windows PC may pop up in your head. Even a majority of Google searches will prove that most are in favor of Mac because of the several benefits it offers a user. If you are still debating whether or not you should buy a Mac, let the reasons below refresh your memory:

  1. Reliable

If there is one major plus point to owning a Mac, it is the fact that you can totally rely on it. In case of any virus, you can be sure that your safe working on your Mac. Of course Mac does not provide a hundred percent protection against a virus but it greatly reduces the chance of it occurring. Additionally Mac can reboot quickly, hardly ever crashes and is easy to work on.

  1. Easy Selection

In case of Mac, the choices are not vast. This choice limitation actually proves favorable while making a decision to buy a Mac. It is easier and faster to zero in on buying a Mac that meets your purpose and there is the added advantage of being assured that you own a trusted product.

  1. Customer Support

Apple has never failed when to comes down to customer satisfaction. The customer support that Apple provides its customers with it noteworthy. Most Mac products will come with a one year warranty plus a ninety day phone support that’s complimentary. The Genius Bar at the Apple retail stores only make you fan of Apple’s customer support efforts.

  1. Quality and Style

Not enough can be said about Apple’s quality products that have satisfied customers around the world. And very rare is it for a product of superior quality to meet superior style. But this is what Apple is all about. Not only will you own a super stylish product, but you are guaranteed a high quality product as well.

  1. Reliability

When it comes to reliability, the Apple Mac clearly has some advantages. First it is build on a Unix style BSD core Kernel which is known for it’s reliability and ruggedness. It also uses the HFS + file system which can provide greater data redundancy and file recovery capability from it’s journal logs if corruptions occur.


Since Mac products are priced above average, the general notion is that it is too expensive and you are better off buying a Windows PC from the several brands available. However in the long run, it is the Mac that actually retains its value compared to a Windows PC that will have a very low resale value, if any.

These reasons put together point out one very obvious fact: Mac will prove to be your best buy. Depending on your requirements and budget, you can make an easy decision buying the Mac that suits your needs. And one thing is for sure, buying a Mac will be one decision that you will never regret.

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